Homesteaders came to Riverhurst in 1905 and 1906 and started to break up the land. In doing so they found an amazing amount of discarded weapons, tools, trader’s articles and Indian artifacts such as stone hammers, knives, spear points, scrapers, etc.…

In 1914 the railway came in and Riverhurst was born. The name Riverhurst came from Riverside and Boldenhurst.  Mr. F.T. Hill was one of the first businessmen and he was a printer who started a weekly paper-The Weekly Courier. Hearing about the many things found, he said:” Bring them in and we will display them”.  This started the Museum which originally was in the printing office (ruminants are behind the RM building on Main Street). This collection started in 1914 when Wilbur Nichol brought in a stone hammer. In 1964 the Village Council purchased the collection to preserve it for all time. In 1967 the building on Main Street by the Cenotaph was obtained and in 2002 the collection was moved to the current building which was the old school.

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