Estevan Art Gallery & Museum

As a dual mandate facility (arts and heritage) the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum's (EAGM) collections are comprised of two distinct components; a fine art collection, and a collection of NWMP/RCMP artefacts (plus local history artefacts). The dual mandate enables the EAGM to provide a diverse exhibit and public programming schedule to the public which is not served by any other organization in Southeast Saskatchewan.

The EAGM's fine arts collection consists of prints and paintings donated by the Saskatchewan Arts Board. These prints are from well-known Saskatchewan/Canadian printmakers and painters such as: David Thauberger, Ernest Lindner, Michael Lonechild, Doris Wall-Larsen, and Ronald Bloore. Enhancing this collection is a recent donation of Andrew King (former resident of Estevan and internationally established poster printer) printing blocks, prints and travel trunks. In the 1930's, Andrew King's business, Enterprise Show Print, was the only full-time show poster printing plant in Canada. He later moved to Estevan and renamed the business King Show Print, and continued to produce posters to sell nationally and internationally. The King collection directly applies to Estevan's history and heritage.

The EAGM's artefacts collection consists of objects that are related to the North West Mounted Police and the 1874 March West from Roche Percee to Estevan and Indigenous culture and history in Southeast Saskatchewan. This collection includes the historic Detachment Post. Artefacts housed in the NWMP Museum consist of: buttons from the NWMP tunics, nails found in the building and on-site, RCMP uniforms, rifles, arrowheads, stone mauls, riding gear, a M├ętis sash, HBC blankets, buffalo coats, photographs and other paraphernalia related to law and order on the prairies in the 1870's and onward. The museum building NWMP Post (located on the grounds of the EAGM, and the oldest historic Detachment Post in Saskatchewan) is an actual artefact in itself and in 1987 it was declared a Municipal Heritage Building by the City of Estevan and the Saskatchewan Municipal Government, Heritage Department. Originally, this building was located where the Boundary Dam is now (a few miles south of Estevan).

As part of the EAGM's mandate as a gallery/museum, the collections are actively used for the advancement of life-long learning in arts, culture and heritage. Exhibiting artworks and artefacts demonstrates the EAGM's commitment to fostering knowledge about our local and regional history, art education, art history and the art practices of Saskatchewan artists, to enable visitors to gain an understanding and appreciation of Saskatchewan and Canadian art.
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