Swift Current City Police Department (1969)

Swift Current City Police Department (1969)

Archival item

Officers of the Swift Current City Police Department, taken in 1969 in the Court Chamber of the Police Station.

Left to right:

Front row - Sergeant V.L. Mayer, Inspector Roy E. Hart, Chief of Police S.F. Cunnington, Detective Sergeant Mike Koski, Sergeant J.P. Bailey

Middle row - Constable A.J. Sabo, Constable M.J. Rissling, Constable D.F. Barker, Constable W.E. Oldhaver, Constable D.E. Lloyd, Constable R.H. Steensland, Constable E.S. McMurty, Constable S. Solomon

Back row - Detective Constable L.S. Reierson, Constable K.H. Sorenson, Constable J.M. Stafford, Constable B. Collinson, Constable L.R. Jaster, Constable R.R. Sutherland, Constable A. McCann, Constable W. Marak, Constable G. Baker, Constable S.A. Gardner.
Photographic Paper; Wood; Cardboard; Glass
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