Canadian Province Commemorative Stamp Album


(a) - Tri-fold maroon vinyl album with stamp of crest of Canada. Inside album is three panels with clear plastic covering with white/grey backing. Items within are mounted on light blue heavy paper.

(b) -  Letter from John A. Fraser the Postmaster General presenting John G. Diefenbaker the album of provincial and territorial stamps dated June 15, 1979. Printed on Postmaster General letterhead. 

(c) (d) (e) Set of 12 stamps of the flags of the provinces and territories of Canada in full colour. Stamps are attached together with perforated edges. 

vinyl, paper, plastic

Notes: (a)

Length: 14.7 cm; Width: 21 cm ;
Notes: (b)

Length: 12.8 cm; Width: 14.1 cm;
Notes: (c)

Length: 25.5 cm ; Width: 15.2 cm;
Notes: (d)

Length: 17 cm; Width: 14.7 cm;
Notes: (e)
Accession number on back outside bottom of album in black.

See pictures for the rest.