Album of German "Notgeld" Money 1914-1924.


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1914 – 1924
Large memorabilia album containing German Weimar Republic 'Notgeld' (emergency money) from 1914 - 1924. Covers of the album have engraved geometric design with gold, pink, and dark purple colour in a 'cloud' design (see pictures). Spine and corners of the album dark/grey-green vinyl coverings. Gold engraved lines bordering vinyl. Inside covers have dark blue background with black vine design with gold accented leaves. Light blue and white string hold pages of album together. 

Album has 25 pages. Contains 618 paper notgeld monies. All of various sizes, denominations, providence (city, town, region), and design. Majority of the notgeld are in colour and feature ornate and elaborate designs and images. 

Paper, vinyl, string, cardboard
Length: 37cm; Width: 29.3cm; Height: 5cm;
Engraved in gold colour on front cover:


1914 - 1924"